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An unfortunate omission from steam engine buying guides is that they often exclude some of the pocket sized creations in favor of larger designs.  It is misleading that these are not as worthwhile, as some of these devices have more real world uses as well as can be combined with additional parts more seamlessly.  Able to be held in the palm of your hand, the BephaMart Live Steam Engine is one of the most sleek and elegant products of innovation that collector’s can obtain, but how does it compare to similar engines?

With a 21.5mm diameter flywheel, at first glance this engine appears to be a missing piece of a much larger machine.  The metal is strong and provides a bit of nostalgia to the time period the device was used most commonly.  Its shine and the hue of its color are unmistakable to that era.  Boilers can be connected to its base to provide swift spinning when in motion.  Assembly is non-existent as is, but presumably that is not what most who acquire this have in mind for the engine.


The single cylinder engine model reviews positively with collectors because it has a wide array of applications.  Built at 35 x 24 x 31mm dimensions and weighing 46g, it is an easy fit in most standard models of this ilk.  The small nature of this steam engine makes it a perfect match to use in accordance with other science projects, often having the ability to power things like a mini propeller with ease.  Also recommended are boat and train models that need an engine to be their driving force.  For the most part its inclusion into other items is frustration-free.

The phrase “the little engine that could” applies to the BephaMart because the top speeds it reaches are admirable, and this is a difficult piece of machinery to break.  Moreover this steam engine sparks creativity in those who handle it since it can be utilized as a conductor of energy for so many previously stagnant models.

Finally, the metal is so uniformly constructed that its efficiency is seen for years in how long it continues to be a solid source of mountable power.  Though simple and rather plain to look at, it proves there is more to it than meets the eye with its adaptability.


The tiny stature of the steam engine is equally its biggest strength and biggest weakness.  The size itself is not ideal for demonstration or display, and is more for collectors appreciating its purpose rather than hobbyists wanting to showcase their additions.  This is obviously not a major concern for most in this field, as often they are more concerned with structure and ingenuity than curbside audience appeal.

Additionally, it is a minor letdown that there is no kit available for maintenance or rebuilding it, but for the affordable price point and the overall purpose of the engine, this is not a deal breaker.


The BephaMart Live Steam Engine is a terrific alternative to those seeking a more compact unit in this space, and the best functionality of all is how easily adaptable it is when incorporated into other models.  This device has its most solid relationships with creators that like to start from the ground up.  It is an engine that can be thought of as a blank canvas because the use of its energy can divide into so many different directions.  If you are an individual that prefers a longer ‘build’ period where you have more influence on the final output, this brand is a solid choice.

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