ELENKER Mini Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor Model Educational Toy Kits Review

ELENKER Mini Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor Model Educational Toy Kits

No model steam engine engine buying guide is complete without including toy kits that are both engaging and educational.  A cost efficient alternative in this hobby forum, the ELENKER Mini Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor Toy Kit is an ensemble worth discussing.  Though sporting a different appearance than other motors in this space, the lessons taught by its manufacturing and abilities are universal.  So what all does this unit entail?

This single flywheel, mini hot air Stirling engine is sometimes referred to as an external combustion engine, in comparison of course with internal combustion engines that utilize heat input in the body as a result of a combustion of fuel.  The 100 x 45 x 50mm size is comfortable for display or applicable experiments.  The included motor arms are clip on, prepared to jettison energy at your command.  2 additional gas tubes and gaskets come along with a pipette that fills the fuel jar nicely.  Assembly can be completed in minutes with minimal knowledge of Stirling engine motors.  Moreover, once created to its full capacity, it is not a machine that necessitates endless maintenance.

Feedback of this toy kit is eye-opening with nary a negative review, and a general consensus that the apparatus is useful in the demonstration of a myriad of science projects and energy exhibitions.  Users fawn over its power and speed for such a compact piece of technology.  Engine motor reviews also embrace its suitable pricepoint.

Things we liked:

The ‘mini’ title of the Stirling engine motor applies, as it is a small device.  This works to its advantage by having a sustained center of gravity for it to run fluidly, and additionally makes it a sturdy little machine with little room to damage it.  Most people think the phrase ‘toy kit’ automatically means fragile, but because the unit is so efficient, ruining it will take some effort on the part of the collector.  A framework made up of copper, aluminum and steel is built for longevity.

A simple nudge of the flywheel will instigate immediate motion, and a high speed is reached within seconds.  A fossil fuel electrical plant simulation can be conducted by the placement of neodymium magnets on the flywheel with the help of a coil battery wire.  The transformation of kinetic energy into electrical is a frequent favorite among enthusiasts.

Things that could be better:

A minor problem you can run into with this ELENKER model is that if you misplace or damage the foam disc you will likely be going down the rabbit hole in seeking a replacement.  This is obviously an uncommon occurrence, but since it is manufactured in China, you are more or less better off in just replacing the whole system itself.

Additionally, though a small gripe, the wick can run out after excessive use so acquiring a longer lasting wick may be in your best interest.  Overall, the ELENKER kit is ‘complete,’ and any additions you make will be from your personal preference.  The unit can be used seamlessly with other science and engineering pieces in this space.

Our verdict:

A proper and simple display of the properties of physics is in full view with the ELENKER Mini Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor Model, and is a device that can be recognized and enjoyed by a vast array of age groups.  It is a myth that kits are just toys, as they serve a very distinct purpose in showing off ingenuity and efficiency at its peak.  If you are a model hound and seeking something that will not take up too much of your desk, while at the same time delivering performance, the Stirling can be a home run for you.

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