Jensen Steam Engine Dry Fuel Heated 76 Review

Jensen Steam Engine Dry Fuel Heated 76 is one of the most powerful dry fuel fired steam engines by Jensen Steam Engines. It is operated by means of generated steam pressure through boiler-based water heating, utilizing small fuel tablets located in the tray under the boiler. The product is equipped with a whistle, a safety valve, and a throttle. The kit is an easily maintained item through oiling, checking, and tightening among others.


In the box of Model 76 of Jensen Steam Engines, you would find a complete set of parts, which includes a nickel plated brass horizontal boiler, a whistle, a 3-inch diameter flywheel, a water gauge, a power takeoff pulley, a throttle, and a safety valve.

Jensen 76

The Jensen Steam Engine Dry Fuel Heated 76 is great for beginners.

The 2.6-pound product is available with a dimension of 13.2 inches by 8.9 inches by 2.8 inches. The fuel used with the product may be fatal or hazardous when consumed. This is the reason why adult supervision is necessary when operating the product. Jensen highly discourages the use of the model by children solely.

Other highlighted features of the product are the following:

  1. Steam pressure generation. The steam engine Model 76 is designed to operate using heating water-generated steam pressure. It utilizes small fuel tablets, which are placed in the tray found under the boiler.
  2. Traditional yet high quality parts. Jensen is known for utilizing materials that are naturally used in previous times. Nonetheless, the manufacturer ensures that all parts are plated, enameled, or made of metal as necessary
  3. Safety and control guarantee. The Jensen product is designed with a safety whistle and a valve, which could be found on the top center of the boiler. Moreover, the engine’s speed is controlled from a full throttle to a complete stop using a throttle found on the steam pipe.
  4. Easy operation. The application of Model 76 is pretty straightforward, guaranteed by its simplified manual. The manufacturer clearly explains how the engine is prepared alongside the replacement of the safety valve, location of fuel tablets, flywheel rotation, usage of reversing lever, and water level checking.
  5. Manageable maintenance. Maintenance steps are also clearly detailed by the product’s instructions. It is emphasized that the engine must be oiled at irregular intervals. Moreover, it provides solutions to consider if the engine stops running. The options include checking the binding, crank and eccentric alignment, and glass leakage.

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Jensen 76 received generally positive reviews. According to most of its pleased owners, the small model may be compact in size, but it works as intended. Many even shared that they have used it in class demonstrations, and it performed as expected.

Furthermore, the existing owners are not only adults but kids as well. They claimed that the kit has been a perfect solution to teach their kids and grandsons regarding dry fuel steam heated engines without the use of boring books. Some even suggested for parents to buy the product and build it with their kids. Though the idea of the unit’s assembly is conventional, it adds up to the fun.

  • Does not require a lot of skills
  • Long-term enjoyment
  • Ideal for teaching purposes
  • Runs like any other engine
  • Small yet powerful
  • Needs adult supervision

Our Verdict

There are various groups of people who should buy this product. You could begin with the professors or teachers who would like to demonstrate in class minus the complexity of the product.

Moreover, parents or grandparents would find Jensen Steam Engine Dry Fuel Heated 76 a great choice for presents. Alongside the learning perks, the item is also fun to discover and operate.

If you need a product that serves as a miniature of live steam engines, then Model 76 is a great option. It may be small, but its operations are similar to a real-life machine.

Lastly, if you are simply a collector who wants to showcase your set of steam engine models, this model is another must-buy. It has a detailed framework, which would certainly be striking.

Jensen Steam Engine Dry Fuel Heated 76  has exceptional ratings in appearance, operations, and price. You do not have to worry about the difficulty of leveling up your knowledge of steam engines since the product would guide you along the way. This is why we consider it the best model steam engine for beginners. It has a very informative manual, which will keep you company on how to maximize the use of the machine while ensuring your safety.

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