Jensen Toy Steam Engine Model 65 Review

Jensen Toy Steam Engine Model 65

The Jensen Toy Steam Engine Model 65 is one of many live acting units available to hobbyists on the market, and is often mentioned in the best model steam engine reviews.  What immediately stands out about it is its brand name recognition and reputation of building sturdy, solid models.  So what are its pros and cons, and how does it compare to other similar models in this field?

For starters, the Model 65 is full-featured and utilizes a double acting slide valve stationary cylinder.  This mid-sized unit with (2) 1/8 x 6 boiler is a dry fueled engine that includes the whistle, throttle and pop valve.  The bore is 7/16″ x 5/8″ stroke.  The set is complete and requires minimal foreign components unless the builder is purposely designing it for a separate purpose.  The pieces are tough and measure with precision.

Feedback of this model is comprised of steam engine reviews that praise its robust power for its size, and positively discuss its link shift lever and torque.

Things we liked:

Jensen Toy Steam Engine Model 65 Complete Kit Product ImageThe fact that this impressive looking rig is made in America is important to enthusiasts of this era because our home soil is where its application was so widely recognized.  Aesthetically it is pleasant to look at in a dormant state, and a marvel of ingenuity when put in motion.  Moreover, the attention to detail is unparalleled, and offers an accurate glimpse of the steam engines of yesteryear that powered through our nation.

Instructions are included and provide a safe, error-free environment if followed for you to enjoy the Model 65 time and time again.  A filling funnel is also inside to help you get started immediately.  In weighing just a hair over 4 pounds, the unit is easy to move or mount depending on your vision for the project.  The 65′ is also a great unit to display its construction and science in educational settings, as it is large enough to see the parts working in unison to form a cohesive function.

The Jensen Toy Steam Engine has the ability to supply power for erector sets, and additional spin start ready miniatures that you want to fire up.  In addition to being able to be used in different projects, the longevity of the Jensen cannot be ignored, with some cases from owners stating that theirs still run after 30 years.

The price point of the Jensen is manageable, made even more so by the fact that it can be a one-time purchase of this particular model if handled delicately.  You are also paying for the craftsmanship and story behind the brand; something very important to several collectors.

Things that could have been better:

Most hobbyists tend to nitpick as perfection is a quality many of them share, and if there is any slight drawback to the Model 65 steam engine it is that the paint can get damaged over time.

This however, is a bit misleading because it truly only applies to people that are very rough with their engine and do not have an appropriate method of storage for the device.

Final thoughts:

The Jensen Toy Steam Engine Model 65 is a unit that transcends time and has appeal to all ages.  Older collectors appreciate the warmth it provides them in recalling their childhood, and the same innovation of the engine in motion is still something the kids of today appreciate.

If you are a hobbyist seeking a reliable, easily displayable and educative steam engine, the Model 65 delivers it in spades and continuously proves why it is a cut above other engines in this niche.

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